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Kavei May 2, 2010

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I really wanted to *love* this place.  I imagined it becoming the new hidden gem in my rotation of Asian restaurants…unfortunately, the food was just so-so.

Took a trip to Kavei with my Asian food club this past Sunday night.  I love venturing out of center city, especially for Asian food!  I was stoked because the menu had Cambodian and Laotian options.

The descriptions on the menu were tantalizing…red curry, lemongrass, dried chilis…unfortunately they didn’t translate on the plate.

The clear winner of the night was certainly # L03. Sai Krong – laos sausage, char grilled pork sausage stuffed with lemon grass, garlic, kaffir lime, shallot & rice.  They were savory, flavorful, and had just the right amount of crunch to the skin.

Other than that, I was underwhelmed…the ingredients just failed to gel with each other.    With # K27 -Somlor Machu Yoan sweet & sour soup Khmer style – the tilapia fillet tasted bland…and just…wrong.  And while # K34 – Sach Ko Spey Jrok (sweet & sour beef with pineapple) – looked dazzling on the plate, it failed to dazzle the palate. One group member ordered #  L11 – Aom Laos – Beef lao curry mixed with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, shallot, & chili, in a light broth – I asked her “Do you like it?” and she merely shook her head no 😦

I WOULD go back and give this place a second chance…they are new, and need to work out a few kinks.  However, I’ll be sticking to the delicious Sai Krong, and perhaps a few noodle dishes as well.

320 W Oregon Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 952-6688