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Han Dynasty June 4, 2010

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I have visited “the Dynasty” twice now – once for a tasting menu extravaganza with my Asian food club, and again for a quiet dinner for two.  To (dim) sum up these experiences succinctly?  MIND.BLOWN.

First,  Han is awesome.  He’s young, blunt and obsessive about his recipes.  Put yourself in his hands, and he’ll love you forever with special creations from the kitchen that you won’t find on the menu.

For the food club dinner, about twelve of us were serenaded with appetizers and entrees specifically chosed by Han for the discerning palate.  He was excited, we were excited…it was great big foodie love fest (although he did ask me if we could seat all the vegetarians in the bathroom . . . hahaha, it’s a JOKE, don’t get all huffy).

For appetizers, we had:
-beef & tripe in chili oil (aka husband & wife sliced lung);
-Taiwanese sausage with garlic;
-cold sesame noodles;
-cucumbers with chili oil; and
-pork dumplings.

Everything was outstanding, but MAN I love the combination of cold & spice in the cucumbers and sesame noodles.  Those two dishes stood out above the rest.  During the appetizer course, we all felt our mouths start to tingle and go numb as the infamous Szechuan peppercorns began to kick in.

Cold Sesame Noodles

Entrees there were a-plenty, and they were all delicious as well, inclduing double cooked pork belly, rabbit with anise & mushrooms, sea bass, and pea shoot leaves.  The stand-out, however, was the beef & scallions.  It was beautifully flavored, melt-in-your-mouth divine, and one of the most popular dishes of the evening.  As I left the restaurant, belly full and mouth a-tingle, I saw the Ben Franklin bridge in the distance…and I felt grateful to live in Philly amidst such a thriving restaurant scene.

I returned to the restaurant for the second time last week.  Han remembered me, and cooked up some special Szechuan soft shell crabs.  I’m still having dreams about them.

Han Dynasty

108 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 922-1888