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NAM PHUONG January 24, 2010

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“Tastes as good as when I had it three weeks ago.”

Nam Phuong 1100-1120 Washington Ave, Philly.


* 262 Eggplant in Garlic Sauce

“Carmelized, delicious goodness. Tastes like comfort and home”

G.L. says of the 262 Eggplant: “Off the hook!”


* 261 Tofu in Lemongrass w/ Veggies + 251 Veg Summer Rolls

“Heaven in rice paper.” (re: the summer rolls)

“Unexpected.” (re: the new bathroom and nice sink)


* 253 Veg + Tofu on Rice Vermicelli + Coconut Juice

“Tofu is very flavorful, although could use more vegetables.”

“Cool, sweet and refreshing!” (re: coconut juice)


* 177 Vermicelli With Barbecue Pork + Eggroll

“Large portions. Although doesn’t compare to Mom.”


* 170 House Special Rice Vermicelli + 109 Vietnamese Crepe

“Mmm…tropical flavor.” (re: crepe)

“Clean, distinctive flavors. Dismissive waiter.”

J.S. Designs

* 170 House Special Rice Vermicelli

“Tastes as good as when I had it three weeks ago.”


* Grazer; Bottom-feeder

“I like what I can get.”

“Delectable, especially the mini-legs.” (re: roast quail)

Nam Phuong
1100 Washington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3802
(215) 468-0410